How to save the Orcas, and the ocean

Nearly 25 percent of the Orca population has gone extinct due to water pollution! Modern cities along the coast that include Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and more have all been contributing to this issue. Stuff like dumping sewage, trash, plastic, and oil into the world's oceans is killing Orcas as well as many other marine animals including the Loggerhead sea turtle, now becoming endangered. We can reduce this by conducting more hydro, solar, and wind powered machines to reduce the amount of oil use and production. We can also invent plastic dissolvers to eliminate it from the world's oceans. Even though this takes lots of time, It's better to start now than later. Scientific evidence has demonstrated and showed that orca whales are threatened by the high levels of toxic waste dumped into their environment and affecting their food. It’s time to ensure a safe marine habitat for orcas and all marine life. Another reason why the Orcas are dying off is just simply because their food is dying as well. A number of seals, fish, and penguins, and more are well dying off due to pollution. The recent oil spills are causing rapid death in the oceans today than ever before. We can stop this. We can prevent this from happening. We just need to try.

I got the following information from National Geographic: and Whaleman:

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